Large Scale Biometrics Systems

Multi-biometric systems for criminal justice, civil identity border control, and identity dominance missions.

  • 40+ years of experience developing biometrics systems
  • Widest user base in the industry with unmatched speed, scalability and accuracy
  • Continuous investment in R&D with top performing algorithms in NIST evaluations
  • Scalability proven with the world’s largest biometrics systems
    • Delivering tenprint and latent identification and facial recognition for 18,000+ law enforcement agencies that rely on IDEMIA NSS systems supporting US Federal biometric systems of record with over 100,000 searches per day against a gallery of 100 million+ identities
    • Delivering fingerprint and iris identification for India’s national ID program managing 1 million template creations and 350,000+ searches per day against a gallery of 1 billion+ records