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Biometrics Services Library (BSL)

The NSS Artificial Intelligence (AI) Group is pleased to announce the creation of the Biometrics Services Library (“BSL”) toolkit that is available to current NSS customers for assessing potential performance gains from algorithm tuning and training.  For information about the BSL or the tuning and training services that we offer, please contact your NSS representative.

Highlights of the BSL toolkit include:

  • Integrates with multiple IDEMIA biometric products, including MBSS®.
  • Supports diverse biometric modalities as controlled by the selected IDEMIA backend:
    • Face
    • Fingerprint
    • Iris
    • Palm
    • Pedestrian
    • Tattoo

The correct IDEMIA tool must be installed and licensed properly for BSL to function. Contact your NSS representative and system administrator to ensure the correct IDEMIA tool is installed and available before using BSL.  Contact us with any questions.

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